Charger 2 Foil Kit – Dakine Wind
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Charger 2 Foil Kit

Charger 2 Foil Kit


Charger 2 Foil Kit

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Color | Black

For heavier riders (> 85 kg) or very light winds, the Charger 2 2100 Kite offers the highest lift in the range. Despite its large size, this foil remains highly maneuverable, bringing extra power in light winds while providing stability in choppy conditions. Perfect for master Dock starts and beach starts. The 2100 Kit comes with a 285 rear wing and 346 hollow fuselage.

Built using pre-preg carbon, these foils are light and strong, providing improved load transmission and better stiffness for maximum control. The unique connection allows you to use either an aluminum or carbon mast, while the ergonomically tapered connection between the mast and fuselage ensures exceptional rigidity.

With refined profiles, moderate aspect ratio, and an all-new wingtip shape, the Charger 2 range is agile and responsive, allowing you to connect waves with ease. The unique wingtip design enables you to release the tips during a turn while providing confidence that the foil will re-enter smoothly and without cavitation.

The Dakine Charge 2 is here with a wide size range and incredible versatility, these foils do it all - providing an incredible glide, early planing start, and amazing carving abilities.

Experience the ultimate in surf, kite, wake and wing foiling with the Charger 2 range, the perfect blend of performance and versatility.

  • Pre-Preg Specialty Carbon giving ultimate Stiffness

Included in each kit:

  • 930 - [ Front Wing-930] [ Fuselage-346 ] [ Rear Wing-180] [70cm Mast]
  • 1500 -   Front Wing-1500 ] [ Fuselage-346 ] [ Rear Wing-230] [70cm Mast]
  • 2100 -   Front Wing-2100 ] [ Fuselage-346 ] [ Rear Wing-285] [70cm Mast]
  • All kits include:  Padded EVA Covers, Torx Tool T30 / T40, and SS316 Screw Set
Front Wing Dimensions:
  • 930- SA 930cm², WS 750mm, AR 6.05
  • 1500- SA 1500cm², WS 950mm, AR 6.02
  • 2100- SA 2100cm², WS 1150mm, AR 6.01

SA = Surface Area, WS = Wing Span, AR = Aspect Ratio.

Rear Wing Stabilizer Dimensions:

  • 180- SA 180cm², WS 340mm, AR 6.42
  • 230- SA 230cm², WS 400mm, AR 6.96
  • 285- SA 285cm², WS 450mm, AR 7.11
SA = Surface Area, WS = Wing Span, AR = Aspect Ratio.

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    Color | Black
    • Medium Aspect Ratio
    • Pre-Preg Specialty Carbon giving ultimate Stiffness
    • Very agile and ultimate lift
    • Lean Profile offers a very wide speed range
    • Compatible with previous Charger Kit
    • New wing tip design to reduce cavitation
    • Stable Glide and Pump
    • Various Sizes for Wing, Surf, and Kite
    • Wing Covers
    • Fuselage built into front wing for stiffness